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07 Nov 2013 11:38 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
FOP Response to NFL's Decision to Prohibit Firearms 09/25/2013
A recent policy change by the National Football League (NFL) prohibits any person from carrying a concealed firearm within any NFL facilitiyundefinedincluding offices, stadiums and practice facilities. Only law enforcement officers and other security personnel employed by the team of stadium will be permitted to carry firearms. It is our understandings that many of the stadiums had similar policies in place for some time, but this season the prohibition is in effect for the entire league and all of its venues.

This prohibition includes any person with a valid, State issued concealed carry permit (CCW) as well as active and retired law enforcement officers whose carriage of a concealed firearm would otherwise be legal under the Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act (LEOSA).

Members of the FOP have expressed their anger and, now that they must disarm, concern for their personal safety while attending football games. While the leadership of the FOP is engaged with the corporate leadership of the NFL to convey these views, we do reject any call for FOP members to call for a boycott of the NFL. You can read National President Canterbury's letter to NFL Commissioner Roger S. Goodell here.

Boycotts are historically ineffectiveundefinedin fact, they often result in having the opposite of the effect intended. Considering the size, popularity and success of the NFL, it is highly doubtful that we would make a dent in their revenue stream.

Secondly, FOP members work these games at these venues. Active duty officers, who are often paid overtime, provide security, traffic and crowd control and patrol the streets and parking lots around the venue. Retired law enforcement officers are also employed at stadiums across the country to provide security and other services for teams and the venues at which they play. It is a variance with common sense to boycott a business that provides employment for our members.

It should also be noted that the LEOSA, when enacted in 2004, specifically permits a property owner to disallow firearms on his or her property. The FOP strongly supports the Second Amendment rights of all Americans and the exemptions provided by the LEOSA. However, the right of a property owner to decide who or what is permitted on his or her private property is equally sacrosanct. There are many individuals and businesses who, for whatever reason, do not allow firearms on their property. They have this right.

The FOP will continue to work with the NFL leadership to address this issue and mitigate any negative effect it may have on our membership. In addition, we call upon our State and local lodges in the 32 NFL cities to reach out to team owners, venue owners, and local businesses to share the concerns of FOP members with respect to the new NFL policy.

Our perspective on this issue has merit and we are much better off engaging cooperatively with the NFL than we are engaging in useless gestures like a boycott.
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